RezBoard was designed exclusively for resident scheduling, and we've worked with chief residents every step of the way. The result? A tool designed to save you time and do your busy work for you.

Powerful scheduling that just works.

  • Never work from an overly crowded schedule or switch between multiple windows again! Our flexible view allow you to view exactly the information you want and nothing more.
  • Focus on the residents you are scheduling now with our staff pallet feature. Just drag a name from the pallet to the calendar to schedule. You can even choose to view only the shift assigned to those residents.
  • Residents are displayed alphabetically within each shift, keeping your schedule organized and easy to read.
  • Easily manage continuity clinics, and view them alongside the schedule you are creating.
  • RezBoard understands complex rotation schedules. It will automatically end a repeating shift at the end of the rotation, can handle overlapping rotations or ones that differ by postgraduate year.

Robust validation and alerting that keeps your schedule in perfect compliance.

RezBoard will alert you of potential mistakes or violations in your schedule, so you can save time and keep things running smoothly. Shifts will be highlighted if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • If a shift or combination of shifts violates ACGME standards for minimum rest, average time off, or maximum hours worked.
  • If the same person is working two simultaneous shifts.
  • If the schedule violates a custom staffing requirement - for example you could require that the day shift of the general surgery ward have at least 3 residents and at least one PG2 or above.
  • If a resident is scheduled during his or her vacation or requested day off.

RezBoard was designed with the whole department in mind.

Keep everyone in sync with secure, cloud based hosting & customizable print views.

  • Create an account for every resident so everyone can view the latest schedule. Residents can take advantage of flexible views, and easily switch between viewing all shifts, and only their own.
  • Create multiple chief or administrator accounts.
  • Collect and respond to time off requests through the website. RezBoard will document approved requests, and remind you if you schedule a resident during approved time off.
  • If you need a physical copy of your schedule, you can easily create and print schedules for individual locations.
  • Create and export a “who’s on list” for key shifts. For example, you can create a list of the senior resident on call each night this month.
  • Updating your schedule is easy, and you can publish changes on the go. RezBoard will notify you of any violations, so you don't have to waste time making sure your schedule is still compliant. Once you publish your new schedule, residents will receive an email notification of the change.

RezBoard is currently in beta. Join now and get a free license to use for the remainder of your term.

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