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Our Story

Like so many great products, Rezboard is a collaboration between dreamers and do-ers. Between someone who saw a need for a solution in their everyday life, and the experts who could build that. This is their story.

The man who said, "There has to be a better way!"

Dr. Mark Wurth loved being chief so much he did it twice. What he did not love was spending hours creating, checking, and changing schedules. During his two years as chief, Mark tried everything he could think of, from scheduling software to custom spreadsheets, but was always disappointed. Because of the sheer number of constraints a small requested change could cause hours more work checking for duty hour violations, conflicts, and essential staffing needs.

Mark dreamed of a better way. A schedule that could automatically check for ACGME duty hour violations, and maintain custom rules to make sure essential shifts were never understaffed. A schedule that could be easily be changed and accessed from anywhere, collect time off requests, and save time at every step. Luckily for residents everywhere, Mark knew someone who could make that happen.

Dr. Mark Wurth
Co-Founder, RezBoard

Dr. Mark Wurth served as a chief resident at the University of Kentucky in Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics (2011 - 2012) and Pediatrics (2012-2013). He currently works as a Clinical Fellow in Allergy, Immunology, and Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at Vanderbilt University.

The man who said, "I can help!"

Stewart Belsham was shocked to learn about the lack of good options for chief residents like Dr Worth - and he was determined to change the situation. Luckily building software solutions is exactly what he and his company do.

Working together, Stewart and Mark detailed the unique needs of scheduling medical residents, and crafted a plan to bring Dr. Worth’s vision to life. Thanks to this collaboration we can finally say there is a better, simpler way to do resident scheduling.

Stewart Belsham
Co-Founder, RezBoard

Stewart Belsham has over 15 years IT experience. He has worked as a programmer, analyst and project manager in both niche and large organizations. He has a passion for designing exceptional software and building world class organizations. When not working, Stewart hangs out with his 9 month old son, Jonah.

About Symbiosys Consulting

Stewart Belsham founded Symbiosys Consulting in 2001 as a small technology firm. Since then, he has led the company's growth across three continents and over 50 multi-year commitments with clients from large to small. Today, the company focuses on building applications for multiple platforms as well as consulting clients in all areas impacting technology including content management, information architecture, user experience, digital marketing, and IT security.

The Symbiosys "Project RezBoard" Development Team

Mark Truran
Software Engineer

Dr. Mark Truran is one of the lead developers for Rezboard. Mark lives on software code, hard science fiction and salty snacks. Formerly a University lecturer, he has a doctorate in computer science, and currently focuses on .NET web applications. Top tip - don't feed him after midnight!

Andrew McCarron
Software Engineer

Andy McCarron is one of our lead developers. His primary skillsets are in C#, Java, and PHP. He also has extensive experience setting up and maintaining custom implementations of the Drupal content management system.

Robert Laverick
Chief Technology Officer

Robert Laverick is the head of our development team, based in the United Kingdom. Rob is passionate about code, both on and off the clock. Robert’s primary skillsets represent a highly developed knowledge of C# and Java. Robert also specializes in security, and regularly tests his knowledge of such things at Defense Department sponsored information security competitions.