Resident scheduling simplified.

RezBoard is the scheduling application designed to help chief residents quickly and efficiently create schedules for the resident doctors under their management.

Quickly and easily design your monthly schedule.

RezBoard was designed by a former chief resident specifically to handle the complexity of resident scheduling.

  • Easily create schedules across multiple wards, blocks, and teams.
  • Manage continuity clinics for teaching hospitals.
  • Organize and manage resident doctors by post graduate year.
  • Quickly view and approve time off requests.

Avoid common scheduling errors with real time notifications.

Spending too much time tweaking your schedule?

RezBoard helps you make a better schedule the first time, with real time alerts of ACGME duty hour violations and double scheduling. You can even create custom rules to ensure you never leave key shifts uncovered or understaffed.

If something comes up, RezBoard allows you to feel confident your changes don’t cause any violations.